The new apartment has a bike storage lockers! That means I get to take my bike and only pay $10 a month to store it not in my apartment yay!!! :ms_robot:

I decided to toss/donate a lot of my stuff before moving because I have a tendency to just never throw out old stuff. It has some value to me idk why. Anyways, now that I’ve started throwing stuff out I can’t stop >.< 5 big black trash bags full of stuff being tossed/donated

Trying to pack one box a day… it’s not going well I have packed one box in three days… AAAAAAA

We put down a deposit on an apartment they are just running a background check and if it passes we have an apartment. I’m literally sobbing 🥹

Amber said she wanted to be the one to pick the apartment so I sent her a bunch of options. She still hasn’t picked one… we are supposed to move in like 2 weeks and haven’t even applied to one.. I am having chronic anxiety

Why must I change my name 100 times a year what is wrong with me lol

Super stoked because I have an interview in Seattle in a few weeks doing work I actually want to do 😌

New meds make me feel like a human… but not in a bad way :blobcat3c:

My company is trying to convince me to stay in Utah. I’ve told them I’m not staying here and nothing will keep me and they are begging >.> they are either gonna let me go to Seattle and continue working with them or I will simply find a different job hahaha

I wonder how long it’ll take them to notice.. I hope not to long

The worst part about moving is having to pack a whole apartment. I have so much stuff and I don’t even want any of it lol

I’m actually considering just throwing away most of the stuff I own because I literally don’t want to pack it

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