Scratch that. We confused again. ewe oh well uwu

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I have acquired THINGS. Uwu I'm excited. I got some Aventurine, Rose Quartz, a Sagittarius earring and necklace set, and a chakra Oracle deck. Gonna clean my room when I get home, and do some hecking cleansing. >:3

When you finally discover your sexuality and gender identity after like 22 years of straight up confusion uwu (I feel like screaming bc I'm so happy uwu) in honor of this, I made a pun. (I made some other ones too x3 but this one's special cuz it me uwu) +

I finally finished him! He's my new Sona/mascot I'm gonna use to represent myself and my art :3 his name is Koda. But I still go by Archer x3 btw! The gray parts on him, including his cloths and his eyes, can change color uwu

When YouTube recognizes you're nonbinary owo validation.

I wanted to make my first post special by introducing my new oc, but I got impatient. (Couldn't wait to finish the drawing) So here's this little ramble I guess? X3 weee - the mastodon instances for creatures

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