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"Actually no they burned the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft research because it was run by a Jewish man" is a bit ridiculous as a deflection when it's coming from a movement that believes Jewish billionaires are behind trans rights today isn't it

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“Centrism” is not a principled political stance.

The Republicans are a fascist political party that has already murdered people in an attempt to overthrow our election. We should only worry that this isn’t polarizing enough

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Elliot Page is a man

(RT this to drive a TERF into a soy rage)

Interesting version of history.
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@AntifaCrossFox > Chile
> Communist

Are you guys trying to summon Pinochet season 2?

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One thing conservatives who try to claim that they’re the “new punk” fail to realize is… those truly about that punk life are “anti-establishment” for a REASON, not just to be edgy rebels twitter.com/antifacrossfox/sta

Well, you heard it, Leftism is the Establishment now, just look at how a bunch of Communist Judges overturned a 60 yr old precedent for a woman to choose weather or not to have a baby in all 50 States, because their Skydaddy said that unborn fetuses have souls.

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"NOOOO why can't we be horrible to trans people!? Save us Elon Musk!"

For over 400 yrs Christians were cool with Muslims controlling Jerusalem and the Levant.

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Ffyi, here's why you should take anyone who says the Crusades were any act of collective self-defense on behalf of Christendom with not even a pinch of anything;
Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 637
The 1st Crusade was in 1096.

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Nothing is settled law. Unions should prepare for the possibility that the Court revisits concepts like the constitutionality of exclusive representative status in our lifetime. If that happens, unions need to be prepped and experienced in unrelenting direct action.

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George Orwell is ironically responsible for more historical illiteracy than anyone who actually lived in the Soviet Union

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