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Hello people and thank you to accept me in this instance! :pawx30_pray:
It's not the first time I came to the fediverse. My name's Aloïs, I'm a french gay trans man and I'm a bear IRL :ms_bear_flag:
I'm also a web developer and a graphist. Don't hesitate to interact with me, I'm very friendly :blobfoxheart:
(The pieces of art are mine)

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Base Color : 30585E
Mode : monochrome-light

Some news :

I finished my training and I’m waiting to know if I pass my web dev exam.

And I’m still gay


Just need to vent.
I've sacked the guy I talked about last time.
He held very violent talking. Like I haven't suffer in my life to be a good person, knowing absolutely nothing about my life.
And as if being a fat trans guy, who lived 25 years as a woman, wasn't a sort of suffering because of that sexist and transphobe world. But ok.

I'm done with this guy.

vent / politics 

The guy's just made shut up an american fur who wanted to complain about his country bigotry.

Like wow, breathe and drink water, dude.

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vent / politics 

I have this polish guy who are apparently very in love with me and who are like "I don't talk about politics" in a very violent way. And wow, really I hate that.

Honestly, I prefer these conflicts I have with my lover who is somehow rightist in some subjects than this sort of gatekeeping

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rant, gaming 

"we want more realism in games!"
"OK here is a female character in a post-apocalyptic setting"
"eww why does she have a tad of hair on her face, messy hair and is not looking like a skinny model"

are you fucking blind? this is Horizon Zero Dawn. The society FUCKING collapsed. What did you expect? Kim Kardashian?

white male cishet neurotypical gamers are the most pathetic ones

Hello people, it was a long time. How are you? :blobfoxheartcute:

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Mettre dos à dos "les extrêmes" c’est une façon polie de dire que dans le RN ce qui te pose problème c’est surtout pas le racisme, l’homophobie, le sexisme, etc.

mpreg fantasies view by a trans dude 

I'm always a little "meh" when I see cis men having mpreg fantasies.
I know I should understand that it's just harmless daydreams and all. But I can't help but thinking how hard is it to be an ACTUAL pregnant man.
And I'm not even the most affected because I'm willingly sterile.

shitpost about top/bottom and politics 

We had a very deep conversation with my roommate today. And we’ve concluded that tops are right wingers and bottoms are leftists. This is why I have sex only with rightists guys, fuck.


What about going to eat because I'm a hungry fat bear

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I'm already jaded by my profile picture. So I will draw another, for sure

Does the Brit and the anglophones from America understand themselves?

I ask it because fuck, you have so many word differences :blobcatthonking:

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Thank you to Nix Snowsong for this lovely pride YCH! I’ve always been fond of your art style, and now I have a piece for myself! 🏳️‍🌈 💛🤍💜🖤

I was wondering if I should (re)make a FA account

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