Beginners Guide to De-centering the USA in Your Writing:
• Prefer metric and SI units.
• Specify all units, including currency (“$5.00 USD” instead of just “$5.00”).
• Use “USA” as a descriptor instead of “American” when you actually mean “from the USA” and not “from North America or South America”.
• Don’t assume your experiences are universal.

@Sapphicgiraffic another gripe to the pile - when americans use 'domestic' to refer to the US and 'international' to refer to 'not the US', when they're not talking about like, the economy, just normal stuff and will even do this when among an international audience ¬_¬

@dzuk @Sapphicgiraffic reddit can't even get that right. both /r/news and /r/worldnews is full of american centric news articles

@AdalwinAmillion @Sapphicgiraffic cuz america news is world news right??? x.x

I'm glad that the US is waning a bit as a global power

world pol 

@AdalwinAmillion @Sapphicgiraffic idk, they still have all those military bases, media, software and pharmaceutical IP, and economically bully whoever china isn't bullying

world pol 

@AdalwinAmillion @Sapphicgiraffic i think barring a really significant left turn in politics, they'll be around as long as they can

world pol, us pol 

@dzuk @Sapphicgiraffic or until they start a new civil war, for example, when trump leaves office and wants a third term

world pol, us pol 

Or until they start a new world war, which is much more likely, imo. They're used to routinely bombing places that are far away from their homes, so it might be giving false sense of security. The everything is allowed, you know.

@dzuk @Sapphicgiraffic

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