In Elite Dangerous, I am too stupid to fly into a port

@AdalwinAmillion It's probably not that you're too stupid, but if you don't have a 3D headset, you're probably not used to the lack of depth perception while trying to navigate on all three axis.

@BalooUriza @AdalwinAmillion i mean tbh, getting through the mailslot is pretty difficult to get used to with or without depth perception because of all the rotation happening

@ida @AdalwinAmillion Not helping is that by default (and I'm not sure there's a way to disable this), steering is semiautomatic, that is when you release the stick, movement is automatically countersteered on *most* axes, so it can be hard to get a grip on which directions you're going to automatically keep rotating if you don't countersteer.

It helps when you're learning approaches to go "upwind" much farther, like, 8-10 km, before turning base, so your approach gives you lots of time.

@ida @AdalwinAmillion Another advantage this has is it gives you a better view of traffic, traffic waiting on autopilot queue is now out of the way, and it gives you longer to line up with the green side of the slot and match its movement.

@ida @AdalwinAmillion On departure, a crude, but manageable, way to get out of the slot in such a short distance is to remember you got like, 5 minutes to vacate the docking bay. Take off slow, and carefully orient yourself to the green side of the slot before moving forward, then make minor adjustments to line up with the green side of the slot. When you got everything lined up and you're just up to the threshold, boost through.

@ida @AdalwinAmillion Well, of course, but figuring out the best way to improve those skills incrementally is give yourself as much safety margin as possible to start off.

@BalooUriza @AdalwinAmillion hmm i mean crashing into the side of the starport or hitting another ship only gives you what, like a 500 cr fee? its not been a big deal in my experience :blobshrug:

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