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I have never thought about it but I want to contribute to free / open source projects. The questions are: Which ones and how? 🤔
Also I feel like I do not know how to use github properly. Any suggestions for guides or tutorials?

pupy is not the way. follow the path of the yeen!

I need an arch enemy against my mean behaviour. who volunteers?

What distro should I put on my sister's old computer?

Steve out here radicalising our kids with javascript

Bully fennecs for being small: How to be a mean yeen 101

Party like Bill Gates when he was revealing Windows 95

gendering shitpost 

"Health tracking for women" Ah, I see, fitbit. So, if I use it as a man it just kernel panics or what? 🤔

People conscious pre 2000 are just demons from fairy tales, sweety

Please learn to dispose of chemicals before buying your children a chemistry set, thank you

*sends a \mathcal{L}(\tau) beam against you*

I should make a bot that toots random and weird CWs it found on the fediverse

"You really put the TRY into CHEMISTRY" is an insult I will fling at every chemist I see from now on because it is way too perfect.

Mathematicians out there dancing to the logarythm

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